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Pneumatic Body Hammer .401 Shank

Item #11138

Body Hammer fits most standard pneumatic hammers to quickly rough-out body panels Attach our body hammer to your pneumatic hammer to rough-out panels with just the pull of a trigger. Smooth panels by adding a back-up dolly.* Standard 0.401" shank* 1-1/2"-dia. convex face* Black oxide hardened steel


Evercoat® Slick Sand With Hardener

Item #31108ZP Evercoat Slick Sand Quart With Hardener

…polyester-based formula is a sprayable primer/surfacer that offers excellent adhesion to metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, and body filler. * Ideally suited for large, uneven surfaces* Color coat can be applied directly on top* Includes MEKP activator* Available in 1-quart or…


Eastwood Versa Cut 20 Plasma Cutter

Item #20062

…up and carry. Weighs less than 20lbs* Operates anywhere on standard 110V current This is the Plasma Cutter to have for cutting out rusted floors, body panels and more. Perfect for trimming new panels and cutting up to 1/8” thick stock. Specifications: Input: 110 VAC Output: 15 Amps Duty Cycle: 40%…


Deluxe Stud Welder Dent Pulling System

Item #31123

Heavy-Duty Quality Dent-Pulling System. This unit utilizes a wider range of draw pins for greater versatility. Includes heavy-duty Magna Spot 1500 stud welding gun, heavy-duty twist-to-lock slide hammer, 3 electrodes, 500 2mm draw pins, 150 trim rivets, and a convenient molded carrying case. 5-year…


Eastwood Panel Flanger

Item #31092

Adjustable Locking Flanger helps you repair flush panels easily.* Creates straight or curved flanges 5/8" x 5/8" wide* Strong cam-action jaws* Fits into hard-to-reach areas Eastwood's Adjustable Locking Panel Flanger produces a step deep enough for flush repairs in 18-gauge or thinner metal.


Body Solder Stick 1/4 lb

Item #31127

30/70 Body Solder Stick for easy leading.* 30% tin, 70% lead* Ideal for auto body repair* Certified alloy content Individual 1/4-lb. stick makes it easier to work with. Contains 30% tin, 70% lead, for long-lasting repairs.


Eastwood Contour Premium Body Filler

Item #Contour Premium 13520

Contour™ 1-step Premium Body Filler actually inhibits rust and self-etches!* Rust inhibitors prevent corrosion* Self-etching properties create excellent adhesion* Superior coverage and feather-edging ability* 1-step process; no glazing putty required Save time in your shop with our "all-in-1-step"…


7 Piece Body and Fender Set ATD Tools 4030

Item #1067923

7-Pc. Heavy-Duty Hammer and Dolly Set priced for the weekend do-it-yourselfer — ATD4030 The 3 hammers in this body and fender set give you excellent balance and feel—and durability—thanks to the cushioned fiberglass handles. The 4 dollies are the most commonly used shapes and profiles.* 3 hammers, 4…


Supercoup NR1 Nibbler Shears

Item #28191

Hand Mini-Nibbler Shear cuts metal with less distortion than snipsCompound leverage helps you cut metal more easily and with more accuracy than with typical snips.* All-steel construction* Hardened steel jaws* Cut-off anvil easily snips-off metal curl


Air Body Saw

Item #13745

…compositesAt 5,000 strokes per minute, this pneumatic reciprocating saw aggressively cuts through most metals and other materials up to 1/16" thick.* Perfect for body, exhaust and muffler work* Requires just 2 cfm at 90 psi* Replaceable blades (6 included) help maintain cutting performance


Shrinking Body Dolly model #1058S

Item #31083

This high quality tool is manufactured by Martin Tools (originally manufactured by Fairmount) is hand-ground and polished to the perfect shape for bodywork and balanced for ease of use. One face is covered with raised serrations to shrink metal stretched by dents. Weight 3 1/2 lbs.


Hickory Handle Body Fender Hammer-Dolly Set 7pc

Item #50801

Martin 7-Pc. Hammer & Dolly Set will be your favorite body tool set in no timeThese high-quality hammers and dollies from Martin Tools are crafted of genuine hickory handles and USA alloy steel, for years of dependable service.* 3 hammers* 3 dollies* 1 dinging spoon


Eastwood Contour Aluminum Reinforced Repair Compound Body Filler 25.3 oz

Item #13518ZP

Contour™ Repair Compound is reinforced with aluminum for a stronger, corrosion-resistant repair. * Superior corrosion resistance and adhesion* Repair factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications* Perfect for areas prone to moisture* Includes hardener Eastwood's uniquely formulated filler is…


Eastwood No Weld Panel Repair Kit

Item #31102

Install auto body patch panels easily without any welding.* Eliminates the need for a welder or welding skills* Flat repair surface requires little or no filler* Use your own caulking gun This kit has the tools and materials to install patch panels securely without welding. Panels are flanged, then…


USC Fiberglass Repair Kit- Cloth

Item #50766ZP

Everything you need to repair or build something using fiberglass. Economically repair car and truck bodies, boats, farm equipment and even articles around the home. Provides a waterproof and rustproof repair. Kit includes: 1 quart of resin,.5 oz liquid hardener, 7 sq feet of fiberglass cloth,…


Radius Body Filler Spreaders 5-pk

Item #13919

…Set helps you apply body fillers easily now, for less sanding later!* Flexible ABS plastic* 5 pieces, 20 different edges* Hardened excess filler pops right off the spreaders 5-piece spreader set includes 20 different straight and curved edges for precision application of body fillers, leaving less…


TIG Collet Body 1/16in

Item #13483

Replacement Collet Body for #17, #18 and #20 TIG Welder Torches. 1/16" size for use with 1/16" tungsten electrode and collet. This collet body is use on the Eastwood 12476 and 14100 TIG Welders with the WP17 Torch.


TIG Collet Body 3/32in

Item #13484

Replacement Collet Body for #17, #18 and #20 TIG Welder Torches. 3/32" size for use with 3/32" tungsten electrode and collet. This collet body is use on the Eastwood 12476 and 14100 TIG Welders with the WP17 Torch.


Body File Rasp Kit

Item #12536 Body File Rasp Kit

Quickly shape plastic body fillers on flat or curved surfaces with this money saving kit. Saves considerable sanding time. Includes durable metal holder with adjustable handle, 10 flat rasp blades and 10 half round rasp blades. Enough to assure you always have a sharp blade handy. Blades measure 10…


Cross Chisel Body Hammer

Item #31219

Wood Handled Curved Chisel Hammer - Curved chisel with 9/16" wide face matches arc of swing to get inside corners, 1-1/2" low crown round face suits multiple smoothing and stretching applications. Made in the USA. Limited Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

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