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    Blasting Gloves

    Blasting Gloves
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Harsh Environment & Abrasive Blasting Gloves

Item #22010

These gloves are recommended when using this or other strong chemicals. Gloves measure 16" long overall.


Abrasive Blasting Cabinet Gloves

Item #22056BU

"Better-than-OEM" Blasting-Cabinet Gloves are durable, and fleece-lined for comfortThese replacement gloves have long gauntlets that let you reach the corners of your blast cabinet, and the fleece lining keeps you warmer when working in unheated garages.* Fits all Eastwood blast cabinets with a 7…


Eastwood Glove Set

Item #20070

Replacement Glove Set for Eastwood Blast Cabinet. Gloves measure 23" Long x 7" I.D. Cuffs. - Fit Eastwood #20027 & #30721 Blast Cabinets and others with 6" to 7" diameter glove flanges. Made of vinyl and rubber with gripping palms & fingers.


Eastwood Soda Blasting Protection Kit

Item #50097

Stay safe and protected while soda blasting with this Protection Kit.* Face Shield* Pair Of Large Rubber Gloves* Dust Particle Mask* 5 Head Socks* Not for abrasive blasting The Eastwood Soda-Blasting Protection Kit includes the essential body protection items you need when soda blasting.


Eastwood 50 lb Soda Blaster

Item #12256

…readily converts between Soda and aggressive abrasive blasting. * Higher Flow 1/2"" fittings are able to deliver more CFM than 3/8"" * Blast with as little as 10cfm at 90 psi * 50-lb. Abrasive media capacity * 25-lb. Soda media capacity * 8' blast hose with dead-man valve * 4 different nozzles…


Eastwood Abrasive Media Blast Cabinet

Item #20027 Blast Cabinet

Effectively Blast Large Vehicle Parts.The Eastwood Abrasive Blast Cabinet will provide you with an effective abrasive blasting tool that is easy to assemble and has a large internal size.* Exterior: 36-1/4” width x 24-1/4” depth x 58-3/4” height * Interior: 36” width x 24” depth x 23” height * Easy…

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