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Eastwood Electric Metal Cutting Shears

Item #13475

…easily through steel up to 18-gauge thick.* Jaws rotate 360 degrees to cut straight or irregular shapes* Variable 0-2500-rpm speed* Replaceable blades give this tool longer life If you've ever tried to saw through heavy-gauge steel, you know how difficult it can be to produce a clean cut. This tool…


5/pk 32 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377

Item #43377B32

5/pk 32 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377


Adjustable Profile Gauges 5-10-15 inch

Item #Profile Gauges 11190

…and right sides match when repairing wheel arch profiles bodywork contours, or forming your own panels. This profile gauge features over 16 nylon blades per inch to assure faithful reproduction of even the finest details. Magnetic backing provides convenient storage and positioning for creating a…


Eastwood 8 Inch Bench Shear

Item #20198

…cut perfectly straight lines.* 8 Inch tool steel blade* Cuts up to 11 gauge steel and 14 gauge stainless steel* Long handle for leverage* Throatless design for continuous cutting* Sturdy cast frame With a sturdy cast frame, tool steel blades and extra long leverage handle, this shear is a must-have…


MotorGuard Run Razor Blocker Set

Item #34007 Run Razors

…the end of the painting process. Run Razor holds standard razor blades at a precise angle to shave down semi-hardened runs, sags or dust between color or clearcoats. Just pass it gently over the surface, dialing down the blade position indicator in.001" increments until the imperfection is gone.…

Eastwood Expander Wheel

Item #20638

…force expands the rubber wheel.The Expander Wheel is designed to run at 2400 rpm so excessivecutting does not occur. The perfect tool for buffing sanding & developingsoft or sharp edges in metal. Can be used for anything from sharpeningtungsten electrodes to polishing stainless knife blades.


Ranger Nextgen Swing Arm 25 Inch Tire Changer R980XR

Item #31544 Ranger Tire Changer

…clamps * Stainless-steel and aluminum pneumatic cylinders * Bead-breaker design features fast bead-breaker speeds * Multi-axis, adjustable blade * Adjustable blade settings * Large rubber bump-stop * Alloy steel mount and demount head has a unique * Rugged polymer mount/demount head with adapter *…


Replacement Blades for Throatless Shear

Item #12794

Replacement Blades for the old Economy Throatless Shear (11797) that did not have the safety pin feature. The older version was sold up until March of 2015.


Universal Thread Repair Tools (SAE and Metric)

Universal Thread Repair Tools (SAE and Metric)
Related Phrases: Stud Rust Thread Repair

Item #13664

…in both inch and metric right and left hand threads. There is no calibration required and it is self adjusting to any pitch and size within range. Will repair 5/32" to 11/16" SAE, 4 to 18mm Metric, and up to 7/16 Pipe Thread. This tool features hardened cutting blades to remove rust and burrs.


Eastwood Reciprocating Air Body Saw

Eastwood Reciprocating Air Body Saw
Related Phrases: Air Saw Body Saw Saw

Item #13745

…aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass, composites* Perfect for body, exhaust and muffler work* Requires just 3.5 cfm at 90 psi* Replaceable blades (6 included) help maintain cutting performance At 5,000 strokes per minute, this pneumatic reciprocating saw aggressively cuts through most metals…


Replacement Blades for Eastwood 20644 Electric Throatless Shear

Replacement Blades for Eastwood 20644 Electric Throatless Shear
Related Phrases: Shear Blades

Item #20523

One set of replacement blades for the Eastwood 20644 Electric Throatless Shear.


Plastic Razor Blades 100 pack AES 87606

Item #15408

Ideal for use on glass, painted surfaces, and laminates. Non-marring plastic edge will not damage or scratch like traditional steel blades. Ideal for trimming Elastiwrap and removing decals, adhesive, bugs, tar, and pin stripes. Fits all standard razor blade scrapers, 100 per package.


18 Ga Electric Shears Replacement Blade Set

Item #13474

Replacement Blade Set for 13475 Electric Shear - This 3-piece blade set includes the center blade along with the 2 side plates. Blades are easily replaced in minutes. Imported.


#12 razor Blades 100/pack RB12

#12 razor Blades 100/pack RB12
Related Phrases: Razor Razor Blades

Item #14963

#12 Razor Blades are a must have item in the shop. Perfect for removing overspray or stickers from glass, scraping away old gaskets, and countless other uses.


Replacement Blades for 13743 Air Shears

Item #13743A

This replacement blade set for Eastwood Pneumatic Cutting Shear 13743 includes all 3 cutting blades that are prone to wear with use. Also included is a 4mm Hex Key to disassemble the cutting jaws for replacement of the blades.


Rockwood Metal Deburring Tool Replacement Blades

Item #31417

Replacement deburring blades for the 31416 Rockwood Deburiing Tool.


5/pk 24 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377

5/pk 24 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377
Related Phrases: Saw Air Saw

Item #43377B24

5/pk 24 Tooth Reciprocating Saw Blades for 43377


Replacement Blade for 20237 Benchtop Bandsaw

Item #20238

Replace dull blades on #20237 Eastwood bandsaw for quicker easier cuts.* Perfect fit blade for the #20237 benchtop bandsaw* Cut quickly and easily through steel and aluminum* Blade measures 52" long, 1/2" wide with 12-14 teeth per inch* Make accurate, narrow cuts The benchtop electric bandsaw can…


Eastwood 64.5 Inch Replacement Bandsaw Blade

Item #20651

14 TPI replacement blade for the 20650 Eastwood Horizontal Vertical Bandsaw.


Eastwood Replacement Double Ended Cutters

Item #11280

3/8" Double-end replacement cutters. Pack of three. Fits (11279) spot weld cutter.

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Related Categories: Saw | Profile Gauge | Contour Gauge | Run Razor | Shear