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Eastwood Heavy Duty Tear Down Table

Item #31554

The Eastwood Heavy Duty Tear Down Table features a spacious, rugged steel work surface with integral drain, plastic Fluid Containment Basin and asecure, lockable Storage Drawer. The heavy, all steel support structure and 4” swivel casters support up to a total loaded weight of 1000 lbs. [454kg.] yet…


Eastwood Shop Table Bracket Kit

Item #31493

…height and width of the table by the lumber or steel purchased. These shop table corner brackets take the guess work out of building your own work bench. Made from heavy duty 3/16 inch thick steel, these brackets are designed to use 4 x 4 lumber or 2.5in square tube as legs, and 2 x 4 lumber or 2in…


Eastwood Punch and Flaring Dies

Item #20355 Punch and Flare Dies

…is needed to create a hole and flare is a 1/2 inch pilot hole and a 3/4 inch wrench . An easy process that can be done on a vehicle, on the work bench or on the job site. * Punches a clean hole and produces a smooth flare* Made of Hardened Steel* Handles up to 16 gauge mild steel, 19 gauge stainless…

Eastwood 3.5 Gallon Benchtop Parts Washer

Item #30640

Space saving bench top parts washer tackles most jobs.* Compact to fit in small shops* Big enough for most jobs* Pump with flexible spigot make cleaning easy* Requires as little as 1 ½ gallons* Overall Dimensions: L 15.5” x W 11.5” x D 8.5”* Depth: 8.5" max with tray removed, tray installed 3.5"…


Eastwood Corner Vise

Item #30722

Hold your work for perfect 90° miter and T joints every time* Perfectly square joints every time* Durable cast iron construction* Portable, or bench mountable* Jaws open to accept up to 3.25in* Copper plated screw spindle* Self-centering and swiveling jaw Without a proper way to hold work pieces…


Grippy Mat Work Bench Liner 22 inch x 7' Roll

Item #12721

…work benches and even tool box drawers. The light adhesive allows you to pick up and replace Grippy ®Mats over and over. Furthermore, they won't slide or bunch up even if you roll wheels over them. Apply them to walls behind buffing & grinding wheels, floors for foot traction and work benches


Grippy ® Mat Sticky Mat

Item #12722 Grippy Mat Stickey Mat

…work benches and even tool box drawers. The light adhesive allows you to pick up and replace Grippy®Mats over and over. Furthermore, they won't slide or bunch up even if you roll wheels over them. Apply them to walls behind buffing & grinding wheels, floors for foot traction and work benches for…

Eastwood 750Lb Work Stand

Item #43120

Stronger-than-it-looks Portable Work Stand holds up to 750 lbs.! * Sturdy powder coated .045 tubular steel frame* 3/8"-thick foam rubber padding* Heavy gauge chain with welded links* Non-skid tips Work standing up can really save your back! But when your workbench is otherwise occupied, you can just…


Bench Mount Drill Press 1/2 in Chuck 5/8 HP

Bench Mount Drill Press 1/2 in Chuck 5/8 HP
Related Phrases: Drill Press

Item #30016

…all the right features, laser sights, variable speed, digital readouts, cast iron table and base, tilt table, and spring tension safety guard. This bench mount model features a 1/2-Inch Chuck, 5/8-HP Electric Motor, 2-inch Spindle Travel, 7-Inch by 7-Inch Table, 25-Inch Height, and weighs 60 pounds.


Eastwood 48 Inch Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brake

Item #20666

The Eastwood 48 Inch Box and Pan Sheet Metal Brake is the perfect size for a small shop or home use.* Bends sheet metal up to 48"* Use on up to 18 gauge steel, 22 gauge stainless or 16 gauge aluminum* Makes bends up to 135 degrees* Removable fingers to create pans or boxes The Eastwood 48 inch Box…


Eastwood Bench Top Powder Coating Oven

Item #15635

…coating projects. Owning this economical, dedicated powder coating oven ensures that you have the right oven for the job. Easily stores under a bench and is ready when you need it.* 120 Volts AC 50/60hz * 1400 Watt * ETL listed * 4 Stainless heating elements * 0-450 Degrees F heat range * 60 minute…


Eastwood Professional Tubing Notcher

Item #20447

…Create notches in 3/4" to 3" Tubing* Adjustable up to 50 Degrees* Accepts standard hole saws* Works with any 1/2" drill* Mounts in a vise or on a bench top Designed to notch tubing from 3/4 In to 3 In tubing, which means you can build anything from a Go Cart to a 3 In exhaust on your hotrod. Use any…


Multitool 2 x 36 inch Belt Grinder Attachment

Item #20672

MULTITOOL fits all popular brands of bench grinders. Easily fits to most 6'& 8" bench grinders, shaft size of 1/2” ,5/8” or 3/4”a fitting kit is included in every unit.* 2 Inch x 36 Inch Abrasive Belt* 7 Inch disc* Quick change belt* Automatic Tensioning* Quick Track Adjustment* Fits 1/2, 5/8 and…


Eastwood Mini Rotary Metal Shear

Item #20642

The Eastwood Mini Rotary Metal Shear is the perfect addition to any fabricator’s work bench.* Throatless design* Cuts in aluminum, steel and other mild metals* Rotary design allows for both straight and curved cuts It is precision designed and manufactured to allow for quick and easy trimming of…


Eastwood Benchtop Bandsaw

Eastwood Benchtop Bandsaw
Related Phrases: Band Saw Bandsaw Saw

Item #20237

…hacksaw or Saw-zall, means less chance of the cut position changing as you work through the material. Its compact bench top design makes it easy to store on a shelf or under a work bench when not in use. With a 1000 watt motor and variable speed piston grip it’s easy to cut through nearly steel or…


1/2HP Buff Motor w/ Buff Stand

Item #13544 1 2HP Buff Motor w Buff Stand

…1/2 HP Buff Motor with Economy Buff Stand - Here's a great solution for the budget minded enthusiast! This high value system includes the durable (13542) 1/2 Hp Buff Motor with sealed case design for durability, and the (13162) Economy Buff Stand to save bench top space. 60 day Eastwood warranty


Eastwood Modular Blast Cabinet

Item #20464

…High performance blast gun* Electrical current requirement (lamp): 120 Volt AC, 60 Hz* Air supply requirements: 7 CFM @ 80 PSI* Convenient Bench Top use or mount to optional # 20499 Leg Kit This cabinet features a high-intensity LED work lamp for increased visibility and a baffled, flow-through…


HomeRight Small Paint Spray Shelter

HomeRight Small Paint Spray Shelter
Related Phrases: Spray Booth Booth Table

Item #31535

…home décor and other small items without getting overspray everywhere.* Shelter sets up easily and in seconds* Use it on the floor, table or work bench* Three-sided with built-in bottom* Includes rear vent This small spray shelter easily sets up in seconds to be used for suspension parts, under hood…


Eastwood Benchtop Blast Cabinet

Item #30721

An affordable way to media blast parts without taking up much room in your shop* Affordable way to media blast at home* Space efficient bench top design* Durable powder coated cabinet* Holds up to 25 lbs of blast media* Holds up to 50 lbs of parts* High quality gun with replaceable tips* Needs just…


Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor with 6 Inch Buff Kit

Item #14138 1 2hp Buff Motor 6 Buff Kit

This buff motor runs at 3,450 RPM foruse on metal or plastics. It features extended length and balanced shafts for lots of room to work around your part. The cast housing and base assure smooth operation and extended bearing life. This high value system includes* The durable (13542) 1/2 Hp Buff…

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