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ATD Universal Cooling System Pressure Tester 3300

Item #30086

Universal Pressure Test Kit quickly reveals cooling system leaks. Universal Cooling System Pressure Test Kit detects cooling system leaks in most popular domestic and imported cars and light trucks. Hand pump with 12 adapters. Color coded 0 35 PSI gauge. Push button pressure relief valve.


5 Ton Bar Type Puller / Bearing Set ATD Tools

Item #1067880

Safely pull bearings and separate bearings with this 5-Ton Bar-Type Puller/Bearing Separator Set — ATD3056 Pull bearings off shafts and separate bearing housings safely and without hassle when you use this set. Includes 2" and 3" bearing splitters, and a pulling kit so you can safely remove…


Fairmount Tools 10 Ton Hydraulic Gear Puller

Fairmount Tools 10 Ton Hydraulic Gear Puller
Related Phrases: Puller

Item #31471

The Fairmount 10 Ton Hydraulic Gear Puller is designed for universal use with versatile 2 or3 arm configuration.* Hydraulic Ram Design* 2 or 3 Arm Configuration* Use for Inside or Outside Pulling* High Strength Steel Alloy Forgings Reversible arm positing accommodates outside or inside pulls equally…


Fairmount Tools 12 Piece Bearing Splitter Puller Kit

Item #31472

The Fairmount 12 Piece Bearing Splitter/Puller Kit includes all the components requiredto pull and separate bearings and gears from transmission shafts, differential assemblies and otherautomotive components. This tool, constructed of robust, high-strength steel alloy forgings, willprovide years of…


35 Piece Torx Bit Set ATD Tools 125

Item #1067865

35-Pc. Star Bit Socket Set has every size you'll need for automotive work and more— ATD125 6-lobe "star" screws are typically found on automobiles, motorcycles, bike brake systems (disc brakes), computer systems and consumer electronics, and this star bit socket set will make sure you have the size…


5 Piece Roll Pin Punch Set ATD Tools 762

Item #1068003

5-Pc. Roll Pin Punch Set for fast roll pin removal — ATD762 These punches speed up pin removal, center perfectly, and eliminate damage to pin and hole wall. Manufactured to 0.01" tolerance. Set includes: 5 roll pin punches (1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, 1/4” and 5/16”), all in a vinyl roll pouch. * Hot…


18 Piece Rear Disc Brake Caliper Set ATD Tools

Item #1067946

18-Pc. Disc Brake Caliper Tool Set helps you take care of brake service yourself — ATD5165 Service your vehicle's brakes without damage to the brake piston and boot on main brake and parking brake systems. Includes tools and adapters for both right- and left-handed applications.* For most domestic…


Puller / Bearing Seperator

Item #1068196

>b>Be ready for all kinds of pulling and separating jobs with this Puller/Bearing Separator Set — OTC 4518 This combination set includes OTC's two most popular bearing splitters (2" and 3"), four sets of hex push-puller legs, and a bar-type puller head with a 9/16" forcing screw. Separator tools are…


Suction Gun ATD Tools 5004

Item #1067941

Transferring lubricants? This Suction Gun gets it done neatly and fast — ATD5004 This ruggedly built suction gun can be used to easily transfer all types of non-corrosive lubricants through its 8" suction hose. The deluxe lip seal provides maximum suction, and it needs no priming. Powder coated…


20 Piece Punch And Chisel Set ATD Tools 720

20 Piece Punch And Chisel Set ATD Tools 720
Related Phrases: Chisel Punch Punch Set

Item #1067988

20-Pc. Punch and Chisel Set built to last — ATD720 Set has 4 different types of punches and chisels for a variety of uses, and they're all made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel. Each punch is hardened and tempered for maximum durability, and the flat chisels are tempered to resist splitting and…


748 Piece Nut & Bolt Set ATD Tools 343

Item #1067892

Stock up on all the 748 SAE Nuts and Bolts you'll need...bins and racks included! — ATD343 Mount the bins on a wall, or set them on a workbench, and you'll have the fasteners you need, when you need them. Includes 40 heavy-duty, 3"x4"x5" plastic bins with identification labels, and wall rack.…


12 Piece Snap Ring Plier Set ATD Tools 915

Item #1068054

12-Pc. Snap Ring Pliers Set includes the most popular sizes and tips — ATD915 Each versatile, heavy-duty, fixed-tip Snap Ring Pliers removes and installs either internal or external snap rings on a wide range of applications. You get 4 sizes (0.038", 0.047", 0.070" and .090"), each in 3 tip angles:…


U Joint Tool

Item #1068207

U-Joint Tool safely removes and installs universal joints with needle bearings — OTC 7248 This helpful tool uses a forcing-screw press to safely remove and replace automotive universal joints with needle bearings, including GM plastic pin CV U-joints. The "U" joints can be serviced either on or off…


ATD Air Cut Off Tool ATD-2139

Item #1067876

Air Cut-Off Tool works quickly and efficiently to cut-off mufflers, tail pipes, nuts and bolts — ATD2139 Utility Cut-Off Tool makes exhaust work less exhausting! Air-powered cut-off tool works at 20,000 RPM to aggressively cut through metals, plastics and fiberglass with your grinding disc (not…


ATD Laser Infrared Thermometer 70001

Item #30085

Infrared Thermometer lets you determine a wide range of temperatures from a safe distance away...12:1 distance to target ratio. Complete your tool chest with this versatile High Temperature Infrared Thermometer from ATD Tools. With its ergonomic grip and easy to read backlit LCD display


Large Transmission Drain Funnel ATD Tools 5192

Large Transmission Drain Funnel ATD Tools 5192
Related Phrases: Car Lift

Item #1067948

Catch every drip! Funnel extends the draining area of your lift drain — ATD5192 Sometimes the lift drain you use isn't quite large enough for catching all the draining fluid. So place this Transmission Drain Funnel on top to expand the draining area and keep your shop floor drier and cleaner.*…


Magnetic Fender Cover ATD Tools 10160

Magnetic Fender Cover ATD Tools 10160
Related Phrases: Fender Cover

Item #1067856

Magnetic Fender Cover protects your vehicle's finish as you work — ATD10160 When you're working under the hood, you don't need your tools scratching the fender's finish. This large fender cover has strong magnets that securely hold the it in position on your vehicle's fender. Use on the front or on…


6 in Digital Caliper ATD Tools 8656

Item #1068041

Measure with digital precision with this 6” Electronic Caliper — ATD8656 This 6" digital caliper lets you take inside, outside, depth and step measurements from 0" to 6" in 0.001" (.01mm) graduations, and the measurements are easily read on the caliper's LCD display with SAE/Metric conversion.…


Hydraulic Foot Pump ATD Tools 5812

Hydraulic Foot Pump ATD Tools 5812
Related Phrases: Hydraulic Press Press

Item #1067964

Hydraulic Foot Pump has a user-friendly foot-actuated design for easy control of fluid moving at a tremendous rate — ATD5812 Use your foot to control moving fluid by harnessing the hydraulic power of your standard 110-175-psi shop air supply. This foot pump efficiently operates single-acting ram…


Lever Action Grease Gun ATD Tools 5000

Lever Action Grease Gun ATD Tools 5000
Related Phrases: Grease Gun

Item #1067938

Use this Lever-Action Grease Gun with 6" extension for general lubrication and daily maintenance work — ATD5000 Hardworking, medium-duty grease gun works with a standard 14.5-oz. grease cartridge to handle general lubrication and daily maintenance work, but you can also load it up from a drum or…

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