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    Aluminum Protection

    Aluminum Protection
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Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant Quart

Item #11983ZP

…is the ideal long-term protectant for steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless and fiberglassProtect your vehicle investment against stains, oxidation (rust), weathering, grime, salt spray and pitting with this clear, tough, flexible coating—SharkHide Metal Protectant.* Won't chip, flake, peel…


Eastwood Metal Protect 14 oz Aerosol

Item #12499Z

Spray-on a protective clear coating to protect metal against the elements* Nano-Barrier Technology* Protect polished metals from fading, corroding and discoloring* For aluminum, steel, copper, brass and more Metal Protect aerosol provides a protective clear coating that forms a barrier between your…


Eastwood Diamond Clear DTM and Painted Surfaces Aerosol

Item #16105Z-16106Z

Aerosol formulation for the use on bare metal and painted surfaces.* Seals and protects surfaces* Compatible with all metals and coatings* Heat resistant up to 300 degrees F Use over finished or polished surfaces to protect from corrosion and ultra-violet light.


Eastwood ExoArmour

Item #15350Z

…4000 hours of salt spray resistance. It won’t yellow, crack or peel, and isn’t affected by solvents or chemicals. Great for keeping polished aluminum at its mirror finish best. Use it to protect metal brake and fuel lines, as well as other under car parts. Protects without adding a glossy finish.


POR15 OEM Bed Liner Black 49704 & 49701

Item #POR15 Bed Liner 15355

…performance that can be brushed, rolled or sprayed. POR15 OEM Bed Liner is a water based, rubberized coating ideal for protecting truck beds, and all other metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and wood surfaces. Formulated with POR15 rust preventive technologies POR15 OEM Bed Liner offers superior adhesion,…


Eastwood Aluma Blast Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10109Z

Spray-on a protective, durable, aluminum-look finish with AlumaBlast™ Paint.* Protects up to 300 degreesF* Acrylic lacquer with low 4-15% gloss* Aerosol can covers 6 sq. ft. AlumaBlast™ Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of freshly cast aluminum car parts, such as intake…


Autosol Aluminum Polish 75ml Tube

Item #13972

Autosol's revolutionary, ammonia-free Aluminum Polish is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces. Leaves an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to also use the Autosol Aluminum Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.


Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish 75ml Tube

Item #13976

Autosol's revolutionary, ammonia-free Anodized Aluminum Polish is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces. Leaves an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to also use Autosol Aluminum Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.


Eastwood Aluminum Manifold Buffing Kit

Item #13149

Designed to take aluminum manifolds from raw castings to shining brilliance. Kit includes a tube of Grinder's Grease which extends the life of abrasive rolls. (Kit can also be ordered with a can of Clear Coat Barrier aerosol [13114Z] to protect the luster of your polished manifold [not a…


Fairmount Tools Aluminum Wheel Impact Sockets

Item #31474

…double end design that gives you two lug nut sizes per socket. Each socket has a protective Teflon sleeve that is designed to prevent damage to aluminum wheels.* 1/2" Drive* Metric and SAE Sizes* Protects Aluminum Wheels from Damage This kit comes with a 3” long ½” drive extension and three sockets…


Ranger 2 Ton Aluminum Quick Floor Jack

Ranger 2 Ton Aluminum Quick Floor Jack
Related Phrases: Jack Floor Jack Car Jack

Item #31548

…combined with a rigid knurled aluminum handle gets cars off the ground in seconds. A low profile single front-roller with wide stance adds stability and a soft foam handle guard protects against vehicle damage.* Two-ton capacity * Aircraft-grade billet aluminum design * Low-profile, single-piece…


Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Universal Aluminum Quart

Item #51631ZP Universal Aluminum Engine Paint

Eastwood sets the standard in high temp engine paints! * Super durable, utilizing ceramic nanotechnology * Protects engine and resists chips, chemicals and heat * Withstands temperatures up to 650 F * Provides a beautiful factory-look finish * Easy to apply – brush or spray on (for best results…


Chemical Guys JET Seal Sealant and Paint Protectant 16 oz WAC_118_16

Item #16225

JetSeal is a durable paint sealant that protects against the harshest elements.* Durable protection against the harshest elements* Synthetic wax formula lasts longer for better protection and shine* Helps repel harsh UV solar rays, pollution, water spots, bug and bird residues, and road grime*…


Hydraulic Foot Pump ATD Tools 5812

Hydraulic Foot Pump ATD Tools 5812
Related Phrases: Hydraulic Press Press

Item #1067964

…operates single-acting ram applications in many industrial and construction settings. Built-in pressure bypass system protects overload operation. Uses 3/8" NPT(f) fluid coupler. * Produces up to 10,000 PSI* Built-in pressure bypass system protects overload operation* Durable corrosion-free aluminum


Tekna Prolite Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 Alum Cup

Tekna Prolite Paint Gun 1.2 1.3 1.4 Alum Cup
Related Phrases: Iwata Tekna Pro Lite

Item #14508

…DeVilbiss® is one high-performance, corrosion-resistant paint gun, yet it's as lightweight as it looks...includes aluminum cup. This premium high-tech paint gun is fully protected inside and out for high corrosion resistance, making it the ideal spray gun for waterborne paints, as well as…


Bloxide Weldable Primer - Aerosols 12 oz

Item #16050Z

Bloxide - The preferred weld-through primer. This Aluminized de-oxidizing primer insures x-ray quality welds. Promotes the formation of Aluminum oxide at the weld site to reduce porosity. Prevents corrosion of coated steel surfaces for several months of outside storage. Easy spray on Bloxide Aerosol…


POR 15 Detail Aerosol Paint Stainless 41818

Item #15270Z

…look of original parts. POR 15 Detail Paint is designed to have a low sheen, will not yellow and will keep your restored component looking factory new. POR 15 Detail Paint is formulated to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protect metal substrates against weather, sunlight, oil and water.


Sd Air Recip Saw

Sd Air Recip Saw
Related Phrases: Air Saw Body Saw Saw

Item #1055663

…Saw is designed for all types of cutting jobs in aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass and composites, so it's the perfect choice for your body, exhaust, and muffler work. Tease trigger with lock-off for smooth operation and protection against accidental starts. Composite handle improves…


Eastwood Diamond Clear Gloss for Bare Metal - Quart

Item #10357ZP

Protect metal parts with a crystal clear, tough, flexible coating that keeps brass, aluminum, steel, die-cast, even cast iron looking great. This self-leveling formulation, resists chips, cracks, fading and yellowing. May slightly dull reflectivity. Resists fuels and temps up to 300 degrees. Ideal…


Autosol Metal Polish

Item #13170 autosol

Whether putting the final touch on a polished aluminum valve cover, alloy wheels, stainless steel trim nautical hardware or brass ware around the home, we think you, like many will appreciate how easily this paste polish removes tarnish, light oxidation and scratches without excessive pressure. Let…

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