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Eastwood Aluminum Prep and Cleaner Quart Trigger Bottle

Item #14107ZP

Eastwood Aluminum Prep cleans and etches aluminum surfaces prior to welding, painting or polishing. * Cleans and Restores Bare Aluminum * Removes Stains and Brightens Surfaces * Preps Surfaces Prior To Welding Powerful oxidizers return aluminum to its original luster. Effectively removes stains,…


Eastwood ExoArmour

Item #15350Z

…4000 hours of salt spray resistance. It won’t yellow, crack or peel, and isn’t affected by solvents or chemicals. Great for keeping polished aluminum at its mirror finish best. Use it to protect metal brake and fuel lines, as well as other under car parts. Protects without adding a glossy finish.


Eastwood Professional Cable Tie Gun

Eastwood Professional Cable Tie Gun
Related Phrases: Wire Crimp Gun Wire

Item #13704

…Tie Gun, one quick squeeze is all it takes to easily fasten and cut cable ties like a pro. Made from an all-metal construction and lightweight aluminum alloy cover, use this durable gun on cables up to 1/4" wide. Adjustable tension so that ties aren't crimped too tightly and wires are cut cleanly,…


Eastwood Self-Etch Primer Gray

Item #16014 Eastwood's Self Etch Primer Gray

…Steel, Stainless, Aluminum and chrome* Great base for high-build primers* Withstands up to 170 degrees F* Available in Easy to Use Aerosol Cans or Economical quarts and gallons This easy to use primer etches and primes bare, rust-free metal in one step. Adheres to steel, aluminum, stainless steel,…


Eastwood ARC 80 Welder with Tig Torch

Eastwood ARC 80 Welder with Tig Torch
Related Phrases: Tig Welder Stick Welder

Item #20449 Combo

This light weight inverter based stick welder gives you the portability to weld anywhere that there is a 110 volt outlet. * Inverter Power 20 to 80 amps (90 amp peak)* Duty Cycle – 20% at 80 amps* Infinite amperage control* Electrode Size (in.) - 1/16, 5/64 or 3/32* Light weight 11 lbs* 110 volt…


Eastwood TIG200 AC/DC Welder

Eastwood TIG200 AC/DC Welder
Related Phrases: Tig Tig 200 Welder

Item #20565

…TIG welding on aluminum, stainless or steel (sheet, tube or bar stock), and precise welding of thinner-gauge materials up to 1/4" thick. TIG Welding is the most controllable, efficient and most versatile method of welding many metals including steel, stainless steel, aluminum and more. YourEASTWOOD…


Autosol Anodized Aluminum Polish 75ml Tube

Item #13976

Autosol's revolutionary, ammonia-free Anodized Aluminum Polish is perfect for cleaning and polishing uncoated aluminum surfaces. Leaves an unparalleled sheen without scratching or hazing. Remember to also use Autosol Aluminum Protective Oil for extreme long lasting protection.


Metal To Metal Filler Quart With Hardner

Item #10021ZP

…under the patched areas* Apply directly to bare metal to smooth minor ripples in body work* Easily sands to a fine feather edge* Includes hardener Unique Metal-2-Metal™ Filler applies like typical plastic fillers, but it's reinforced with fine aluminum particles to help produce a stronger repair.


Eastwood Metal Hand Punch

Item #20646

This 17 piece heavy duty power punch kit provides over 2400 pounds of punching power for accurate holes.* Works with up to 16 gauge steel aluminum and brass* Punches between 1/8 inch to 7/16 Inch* 3.25 Inch throat depth with 5/8 Inch jaw opening


Eastwood Aluma Blast Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10109Z

…finish with AlumaBlast™ Paint.* Protects up to 300 degreesF* Acrylic lacquer with low 4-15% gloss* Aerosol can covers 6 sq. ft. AlumaBlast™ Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of freshly cast aluminum car parts, such as intake manifolds and transmission housings.


Sharkhide Aluminum Protectant Quart

Item #11983ZP

SharkHide® is the ideal long-term protectant for steel, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless and fiberglassProtect your vehicle investment against stains, oxidation (rust), weathering, grime, salt spray and pitting with this clear, tough, flexible coating—SharkHide Metal Protectant.* Won't chip,…


Eastwood Contour Aluminum Reinforced Repair Compound Body Filler 25.3 oz

Item #13518ZP

…with aluminum for a stronger, corrosion-resistant repair. * Superior corrosion resistance and adhesion* Repair factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications* Perfect for areas prone to moisture* Includes hardener Eastwood's uniquely formulated filler is fortified with aluminum particles…


Eastwood Versa Bend Sheet Metal Brake

Item #14042

…to produce both standard variable length bends as well as accurate 1/2 Inch offset bends up to 90 Degrees in 20 gauge sheet steel and 18 gauge aluminum in widths up to 20 Inch. Also capable of creating bends in 18 gauge steel in widths less than 12 Inches. CREATE: * Floor reinforcement * Channels…


Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit

Item #20127

The Eastwood Solid Rivet Kit is designed to install AN470 series aluminum rivets in steel, aluminum.* Create Pro Custom Work* Perfect for Race Cars & Street Rods* Pneumatic Rivet Gun* Aircraft Quality Rivets* 3/16" & 1/8" Panel Holders Used to structurally join panels for under hood, door skins,…


Eastwood MP200i Aluminum Welding Spool Gun

Item #20518

This Eastwood Spool gun fits the 20489 Eastwood MP200i Welder.* Simple Plug and Go connection* Weld up to ¼” aluminum Enable your MP200i to weld aluminum with this quick and easy to setup spool gun.


Eastwood 4 in Metal Bender

Item #20521

…3/16th inch thick steel at full width and 90 degrees.* Powerful 2-1/2 tons of pressing force* Create up to 90 degree bends* Bends mild steel and aluminum up to 3/8" thick and 4" wide Simply mount the bend on a work surface and start bending your desired material. No need for a full size hydraulic…


Aluminum Oxide Blast Media - 90 Grit

Item #13792

Aluminum Oxide Blast Media: longest-lasting media for fast, effective rust removal.* Consistent 90-grit size for even abrasive action* Use at maximum 80-90 psi* 50-lb. bag Angular shape makes this aluminum oxide blast media the longest-lasting rust-removing media. See our Blast Media Selection Chart


Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint Universal Aluminum Quart

Item #51631ZP Universal Aluminum Engine Paint

Eastwood sets the standard in high temp engine paints! * Super durable, utilizing ceramic nanotechnology * Protects engine and resists chips, chemicals and heat * Withstands temperatures up to 650 F * Provides a beautiful factory-look finish * Easy to apply – brush or spray on (for best results…


Planishing Hammer

Item #30023

This planishing hammer includes everything you need to start smoothing and shaping metal. Features a 19.625 inch throat depth, 4 CFM Air Motor, Quick Adjust height / pressure, and a foot pedal. Included is the planishing hammer, floor stand, 1 inch Anvil, 2 inch Anvil, 3 inch Anvil, air motor, and a…


Louver Dies for Bead Roller

Item #28160

…you'll be able to produce professional looking louvers.* Produces 3/4" wide by 3/16" high louvers* Works on up to 18 gauge steel and 14 gauge aluminum* Multiple passes allow the hardened steel louver dies to slice and progressively form the louver profile. End contours can be formed with The…

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