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Pneumatic 3in Sander & Polishing Kit

Item #12815

…sanding small areas. This 13,000-16,000 rpm Sander/Polisher Tool comes with 3" and 1-1/2" hook and loop back-up pads, 1-1/2" sanding pad, 3" polishing foam pad, two 3" 400, 600, and 1000 grit sanding discs, ten 1-1/2" 2000 grit sanding discs, and wrench in a durable plastic case. One year…


True Power Air Polisher Kit

Item #31579

This kit has been specially designed for polishing automotive and engine parts.* Polish automotive parts to a chrome like finish * Ideal for Headlight restoration * Perfect for wheel restoration The tool will pay for itself in 1 or 2 restorations. Ideal for restoring aluminum and magnesium Rims,…


Eastwood Pistol Grip 3in Mini Air Sander

Item #13749

3" Pneumatic Mini Polisher/ Sander speeds you through polishing and buffing jobs in tight spotsEastwood's Mini Air Sander buffs and polishes your painted metal and plastic surfaces to a high-gloss finish. Compact size gets you into hard-to-reach areas.* Runs at 2,500 rpm* Variable speeds give you…


Eastwood 1/4" Angle Air Die Grinder

Item #13737

Eastwood 1/4" Air Angle Die Grinder gives you easy access and maneuverability in tight spaces.* 20,000-rpm no-load speed* Built-in regulator controls speed* Grease fitting improves angle gear life* Ball-bearing construction for long life* Needs only 3 cfm at 90 psi Grinding, edge-breaking,…


Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit

Eastwood Complete Sanding and Accessory Kit
Related Phrases: Da Sander Sander Sanding

Item #70474

This Eastwood Sanding Kit is all you need for your sanding, buffing and polishing jobs. Sanding or polishing from confined areas to larger surfaces with this Eastwood kit. Set includes an Eastwood 3 Inch Air Sander that lets you reach hard to reach areas and an Eastwood 6 Inch Dual Action pneumatic…


High Speed 5 in Air Sander

Item #1055769

…and rust removal. Easy to handle, compact and lightweight. 18,000-RPM, 0.45-HP motor includes a built-in power regulator. SPECIFICATIONS: HP: 0.45; Max. Free Speed: 18,000 RPM; Pad Diameter: 5"; Average Air Consumption: 12 CFM; Air Consumption At Load: 25 CFM; Air Inlet: 1/4"; Min. Hose Size: 3/8".


Random 6 in Orbital Sander

Item #1055824

Ingersoll Rand 6" Random Orbital Air Sander is vacuum-ready, for faster clean-up, less dust in the air - 4151Low-vibration Random Orbital Pneumatic Sander produces an ultra-high-quality finish on a wood table or automotive sheet metal. It's also vacuum-ready to be connected to central or portable…


7 in Angle Polisher 2500Rpm

Item #1047918

Ingersoll-Rand Heavy-Duty Air Angle Polisher/Buffer has variable speeds to polish and buff a variety of surfaces - IR314A Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Angle Polisher/Buffer gives you a lot of work versatility with a wide free-speed range of 1500-2500 RPM for buffing and polishing a variety of…


Mini Polisher Kit

Item #1049744

Ingersoll-Rand Mini Air Polisher Kit helps you polish even in hard-to-reach spots - IR3129K This Mini Polisher is just what you need for buffing and polishing paint, metal and plastic surfaces to a high-gloss finish in tight spots. It's a small, lightweight polisher that allows you to easily…


Vertical Polisher

Item #1046161

…Rand Heavy-Duty Pneumatic Vertical Polisher/Buffer has variable speeds to eliminate paint "burning" - IR318A Heavy-Duty Air Vertical Polisher/Buffer lets you easily buff and polish all painted surfaces, and it's relatively lightweight, so you stay in control as you work. Variable speed control lever…


IR Heavy Duty 90 Degree Angle Die Grndr

Item #1057253

…you to keep the gears properly lubricated, and its ergonomic grip makes the tool comfortable to hold and use. Rear exhaust. SPECIFICATIONS: HP: 0.33; Free Speed: 20,000 RPM; Average Air Consumption: 6 CFM; Air Consumption At Load: 23 CFM; Air Inlet: 1/4" NPTF; Min. Hose Size: 3/8"; Length: 7.0".


Air Angle Die Grinder

Item #1051928

Ingersoll-Rand Air Angle Die Grinder is ideal for grinding in tight places - IR301 Ingersoll-Rand Pneumatic Angle Die Grinder is your best choice for grinding, edge-breaking, deburring, porting and polishing applications, especially in tight spots. Right-angle configuration gives you quick and easy…


Random Orbital 6 in Palm Sander ATD Tools 2088

Item #1067874

…swirl-free finish on any sanding or polishing job, even in tight areas. Minimal pressure is all you need. 10,000-RPM free speed generates a high-quality, swirl-free finish. Low-profile design includes an ergonomic cushion grip to help minimize fatigue.* Variable air speed control* 3/16" orbit for…


1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder

Item #13736

Eastwood 1/4" Mini Air Die Grinder won't stall out on the tough jobsIt's got the power and RPMs to get you through your high-speed grinding, porting, smoothing, polishing and deburring tasks.* 25,000-rpm no-load speed* Built-in regulator controls speed* Long-life ball-bearing construction* Needs…


Straight Line Air Sander

Item #1055709

…strokes per minute. Quick-action sandpaper clamps get you back to work fast. SPECIFICATIONS: Max. Strokes Per Minute: 3000; Stroke Length: 1"; Pad Size: 2.75"x17.5"; Average Air Consumption: 8 CFM; Air Consumption At Load: 9 CFM; Air Inlet: 1/4" NPTF; Min. Hose Size: 3/8"; Length: 17.52".


Air Angle Grinder W/ 4.5 in Wheel

Item #1053620

…angle gear set by improving lubrication to the bevel and pinion gear set. SPECIFICATIONS: HP: 0.88; Max. Free Speed: 12,000 RPM; Exhaust: Rear; Spindle: 5/8"-11; Wheel Size: 4.5" dia.; Average Air Consumption: 10 CFM; Air Consumption At Load: 41 CFM; Air Inlet Size: 1/4" NPT; Min. Hose Size: 3/8".


Ingersoll Rand Straight Air Die Grinder IR308B

Item #1054100

…operation Lightweight, durable, and maneuverable, the 308B offers powerful performance and comfort. With a composite grip for superior ergonomics and comfort, this long-lasting grinder is ideal for a variety of applications, including porting, weld breaking, deburring, polishing, and grinding.


Ingersoll Rand 1 4 in 307A Mini Air Die Grinder

Item #21804

…deburring and polishing. Comes with positive-grip 1/4"-capacity collet chuck. Self-locking throttle lever. Ball-bearing construction for longer tool life. SPECIFICATIONS: HP: 0.25; Free Speed: 27,000; Average Air Consumption: 3 CFM; Air Consumption At Load: 14 CFM; Collet Size: 1/4"; Air Inlet: 1/4"…


Glass Polishing 3 Disc Replacement Set

Item #12539

This is a replacement set of discs for the deep scratch glass polishing kit. Included is a green, blue and orange disc of different grits. These discs are 3" in diameter


Eastwood Contour Random Orbital Sander/Polisher

Item #31454

The Contour 6” Random Orbital Electric Sander/Polisher is an ideal solution for sanding when air is not available.* Arbor Size: 5/16"-24 [M6 x 1.0] female thread* Replacement Sanding/Polishing Disk Size & Type: 6" Hook & Loop [152mm],min. 7,000 RPM rating, 5/16"-24 [M6 x 1.0] male thread* RPM: 6,300…

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