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RapidAir Master Garage Air Line Kit

Item #51537

Multiple Air Line Outlets in your garage help you work more easily with your air tools.* Enough for a typical 2-car garage* All tubing, fittings and clamps included* Handles up to a 150-psi system Air line kit makes compressed air easily accessible all around your shop or garage. Everything's…


Devilbiss High Flow HVLP Hose Connector Male

Item #14883

These connections improve the performance of any air tool by delivering greater air flow with less pressure drop, and are ideal for HVLP applications because they won't ever starve the spray gun. In addition, the quick detach connection assures smooth, easy lock and release. Precision manufacturered…


5 Piece Quick Coupler Set M-Style

Item #13956

Handy 5-piece Quick Coupler and Connect Kit contains the compressed-air connectors you need to work faster, and fit all 1/4" NPT toolsConnecting and disconnecting air tools and compressors can now be done with just one hand when you use these M-style quick couplers. Just pull on the ring to connect…


5 Piece Type-M Air Coupler Set

Item #31521

…faster.* M-style Milton connectors* "Quick" couplers, for quick connects and disconnects* Brass construction These Couplers fit all 1/4"" NPT tools connecting and disconnecting air tools and compressors can now be done with just one hand when you use these M-style quick couplers. Just pull on the…


Carbide Burr SA-1 1/4X5/8X1/4 dbl Cylinder

Item #46163

This 1/4" diameter cylindrical carbide burr measures about 2" long, with the cutter portion measuring about 0.6". Fits 1/4" collets. This burr is for use on steel and iron.


1/4in Die Grinder

Item #46047

…for porting or detail polishing cars, boats, aircraft, models, etc. A full 6" long and equipped with a 1/4" collet, your grinder uses 4 cfm @90 psi at maximum speed 20,000 rpm and includes built-in regulator, and wrenches. Accepts popular 1/4" NPT air fittings. One year manufacturer's warranty.


First Air Pipe for Dual Blaster 11737

Item #11897

Replacement airline for 11737 Dual blaster. Line that connects each tank to the manifold. This is the line approx 10" in length that attached to the tank at the fill opening fitting and also the black 4 way manifold


70 Road Runner GTX Fresh Air Hood 300 1470 2HS

Item #52474

…panel has all the correct-as-original, flanges, bends and seams. Attention to detail means your sheet metal parts will fit properly, with just minimal trimming or fabrication. These parts have OEM-style design, smoother edges. This part fits 70 Road Runner Gtx Fresh Air Hood (with hood pin holes).


Eastwood Industrial Rubber Air Hoses 3/8 inch

Eastwood Industrial Rubber Air Hoses 3/8 inch
Related Phrases: Air Hose Hose Air Line

Item #70491 Air Hose

…Diameter Air Hoses resist oil, solvents, and whatever the weather throws at them. * 300 PSI maximum working pressure* Withstands from –40 degreesF to +190 degreesF Eastwood 3/8" Rubber Air Hoses have the top quality and affordability you expect from Eastwood, with swaged solid brass end fittings,


Chicago Pneumatic 60 Gal Air Compressor RCP3561V

Item #30502 compressor

"A 60 gallon compressor with pro quality construction that will fit the hobbyist’s budget Chicago Pneumatic built this compressor with hard use in mind. With its solid cast iron cylinder with deep cooling fins, and an aluminum head for much better heat dissipation, this pump can go all day without…


QuickJack 7000lb Capacity Car Lift 110V BL-7000SLX

Item #31302

…for your big vehicles. The game changes the moment your QuickJack hits the garage floor. With the QuickJack BL-7000SLX, you can go from floor to air in a mere matter of seconds. Get your tools ready. They’re about to get a workout. * 7,000-pound capacity* From stow to go in less than 60-seconds*…


Rockwood Pneumatic Paint Shaker

Item #15205

Air powered paint shaker mixes standard pint to gallon cans perfectly in minutes.* Fits standard 1 pint to 1 gallon round paint cans* Compact, lightweight design* Heavy duty construction* 1110 cycles per minute* Requires 70psi @ 4.3cfm* Durable powder coated finish In just 2 minutes this Rockford…


Citation with Gravity Feed Gun and Halfmask

Item #34276

…that offers safe cool breathing air to a user working in a toxic environment as in a paint booth. Included with this system is a dual pump unit powered by 110 volts, 2 - 40' airline hoses, a 4' long whip hose, quick connect and air control fittings. Also included is a comfortable 'positive…


Hobbyair I System Full Face Mask

Item #34053

…a reliable 2-stage turbine. It provides breathing air to a half-face masks through a 40-ft. kink-resistant hose. It includes the FDA-approved breathing hose, lightweight silicone rubber 1/2 face mask, beltline hookup and snap-tight fittings. This item ships direct from the vendor. Please allow…


Bristle Disc Yellow 80 Grit 4.5 IN

Item #13198

…Bristle Disc Does It Good. Rapidly remove paint, rust, and scale with this unique abrasive bristle brush. The flexibility of this 80 grit disc is perfect for irregular surfaces and also a great way to prep for welding, leading, and painting. Fits most angle grinders with a 5/8" x 11 threaded shaft.


Disc Brake 55 - 58 Chevy

Item #12085

…bearings, grease caps, rubber flex hoses, spindle nuts and "hardware.Will not fit cars equipped with factory power steering mounted on" "the generator (not enough room for the power booster).Vehicle" "Applications1955-1958 Chevrolet Bel Air 1955-1958 Chevrolet Fullsize Car" "1958 Chevrolet Impala"


Eastwood MIG 135 and 175 Welder Cover

Item #20131

…It is custom made to fit your MIG 135 and MIG 175 like a glove. No more stretching a too-small cover or having to fold excess material to keep the dust out. The Eastwood MIG Welder Cover protects your welder from dust, debris or whatever else you've got floating in the air in your shop. The fabric…


Eastwood 50lb Pressure Abrasive Blaster

Item #51117

…blaster hose and fittings* 8'-long, heavy-wall blast hose with dead-man valve* Requires just 10 cfm at 90 psi* All-steel welded top-loading hopper and pressure gauge Eastwood's "High-Flow" Pressure Blaster features high-volume, extra-large valves, which means more air volume and more abrasive…


Fast Pipe 1 in Elbow F2003

Item #14981

fitting technology as the FastPipe Union fittings for quick and easy connections. You won't need glue, crimp or soldering equipment. Just cut the aluminum FastPipe tubing to size, insert it into the elbow and tighten the fitting. The nylon construction means no corrosion or rust to get into your air


Fast Pipe Connector 1 In tube to 1 In Male NPT

Fast Pipe Connector 1 In tube to 1 In Male NPT
Related Phrases: Fast Pipe Rapid Air

Item #14983

…Male Adapter works to connect your FastPipe air supply system. This 1 inch x ¾ inch aluminum compression adapter uses a compression style fitting so you can make quick and easy connections. Cut the FastPipe tubing to size, insert it into the fitting and tighten. You won't need glue, crimp or…

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