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Eastwood Complete Metal Cutting Air Tool Kit

Item #70475

…Eastwood set includes our Reciprocating Air Saw, Air Shears and 3 Inch Air Cut off tool. Also comes with replacement blades and cut off wheels. With this kit you can cut:* Body panels* Floors* Exhaust systems* Nuts and bolts Cut with ease by using the right metal cutting air tool for the job!


Plasma Cut 20 ReplacementTorch

Plasma Cut 20 ReplacementTorch
Related Phrases: Versa 20 Plasma

Item #20614

Includes complete replacement 20 foot torch assembly for the Eastwood Versa Cut 20 Plasma Cutter. Trafimet S25K torch with 0.65mm tip. Used to make precise cuts up to 1/8 inch steel or aluminum with very little air consumption.


Eastwood 4" Extended Reach Air Cut Off Tool w/forward and reverse

Item #51680

…11,000 RPM* 1/4" air inlet* Requires 7.1 cfm of air at 90psi Unique, low-profile cutting-head cut off tool design lets you work the tool into tight areas to cut bolts, brackets, sheet metal, rod and for general metal fabrication. 4" extended reach cut off tool does not come with cut off wheels. We…


TruePower 3 inch High Speed Cut-Off Tool

Item #31478

Using a standard 3 inch cutting disc, this cut-off saw can cut through straps, hangers, exhaust systems and sheet metal with ease!* Lightweight design* Uses standard 3 inch cutting disc* Cuts to a depth of 1 inch The cut-off tool has a safety trigger to prevent accidental start-up and a molded grip…


ATD Air Cut Off Tool ATD-2139

Item #1067876

Air Cut-Off Tool works quickly and efficiently to cut-off mufflers, tail pipes, nuts and bolts — ATD2139 Utility Cut-Off Tool makes exhaust work less exhausting! Air-powered cut-off tool works at 20,000 RPM to aggressively cut through metals, plastics and fiberglass with your grinding disc (not…


Eastwood 3 Inch High Speed Air Cut Off Tool

Item #13735

Eastwood's Air Cut-Off Tool works quickly, efficiently, and quietly to cut-off mufflers, tail pipes, nuts and bolts.* Zip thru through metals, plastics, fiberglass* Works with readily available 3" grinding discs (1 included) * Requires only 4 cfm at 90 psi, so a home compressor works well Our…


Versa Cut Air Diffuser Pack of 2

Item #13788

These are a set of two replacement Air Diffusers for Eastwood's Versa Cut40 & 60 Plasma Cutters. This is the piece that goes between the nozzle and electrode and after time will need to be replaced. Includes 2 pieces.


Plasma Cut 20 Air Diffuser (2pk)

Item #20618

Eastwood Plasma Cut 20 replacement Air Diffuser (2pk) - For Trafimet S25K torch.


Ingersoll Rand 326 2 7/8 in Air Cut-Off Tool

Item #21778

…replacement is the specialty of this Ingersoll-Rand® Heavy-Duty Air Cut-Off ToolNow you can cut off mufflers and tail pipes quickly, efficiently, and quietly. The 18,000-RPM motor handles the toughest exhaust replacements, and also cuts sheet metal, nuts and bolts easily. * 2-7/8" wheel size* 18,000…


Cut 60 consumable kit

Item #20283

The cut 60 plasma consumable kit is a must have for any plasma owner or new buyer. it contains the essential consumables required to keep your unit operating in peak performance and eliminate the issue of needing a replacement parts in the middle of a job. Includes 1 ext nozzle, 1 air diffusor, 5…


Eastwood Air Nibbler

Item #30072

Cuts up to 18-ga. steel, tin, aluminum, plastic* 4 CFM @ 90 PSI* 3,600 cuts per minute Ruggedly built but lightweight pneumatic Nibbler from Eastwood is a "must have" tool for cutting sheet metal and other auto body repairs. You don’t always need bigger shears, so you'll use this air nibbler to cut


Sd Air Recip Saw

Sd Air Recip Saw
Related Phrases: Air Saw Body Saw Saw

Item #1055663

Ingersoll Rand Ingersoll Rand Super-Duty Air Reciprocating Saw easily cuts intricate shapes and curves in automotive materials- 4429Ingersoll Rand Super-Duty Air Reciprocating Saw is designed for all types of cutting jobs in aluminum, sheet metal, plastic, fiberglass and composites, so it's the…


Air Reciprocating Saw (329)

Item #1057476

…and adjustable blade guide. ACCESSORIES INCLUDED in this kit: 6 high-speed-steel cutting blades, 2 hex wrenches. SPECIFICATIONS: Strokes Per Minute: 10,000; Stroke Length: 3/8"; Average Air Consumption: 8 CFM; Air Consumption At Load: 9 CFM; Air Inlet: 1/4" NPTF; Min. Hose Size: 3/8"; Length: 8.23".


Hd Air Hammer

Hd Air Hammer
Related Phrases: Air Hammer

Item #1052396

Ingersoll Rand Standard-Duty Air Hammer pounds away at up to 5000 blows per minute - IR115 Economical Standard-Duty Pneumatic Hammer powers you through light exhaust system work and general cutting, chipping and scraping. This air hammer produces up to 5000 blows per minute, and has an alloyed steel…


Heavy Duty Air Sabersaw

Item #43377

…here to get you through tough cutting jobs quickly. (Not quite like a hot knife through butter, but you get the idea.)* Cut through aluminum, steel, plastic and fiberglass up to 0.080" (14-gauge) * Cuts straight and tight radius curves on flat or curved surfaces* Cuts at 10,000 strokes per minute


Eastwood Heavy Duty Air Shears

Item #13743

Eastwood's Heavy-Duty Air Shears makes clean cuts in metal up to 18-gauge* 4,500 strokes per minute to aggressively cut through most metals and plastics * Slices through up to 18-gauge metal, without chips* Cutting head rotates for precise contoured cuts* Needs just 4 cfm at 90 psi, so you can use a…


Air Hammer with Chisel Set

Item #13734

…aggressively cut through metal...4 chisels included.* Comfortable pistol-grip design* Includes 4 hex-indexed chisels* Built-in power regulator and trigger control* Uses just 2.3 cfm at 90 psi Our affordable air hammer is Eastwood-engineered for fast cutting action. Use it for cutting into sheet…


Hd 3/8 in Air Shear

Hd 3/8 in Air Shear
Related Phrases: Shear Nibbler

Item #1013173

cuts in steel without chips - IR7802SA No matter what type of metal fabrication you're doing, use this Heavy-Duty Air Shear to make clean cuts without chips. Cuts through cold-rolled steel up to 20-gauge thick, as well as most types of plastics and all types of aluminum and tin. Heavy-duty cutting


Eastwood Reciprocating Air Body Saw

Eastwood Reciprocating Air Body Saw
Related Phrases: Air Saw Body Saw Saw

Item #13745

cuts through most metals and other materials up to 1/16" thick. Our air reciprocating saw is the easiest way to cut metals and more, whether body panels or an exhaust system, and you can use a smaller, DIY air compressor. Safety lock prevents accidental start. Blade guard doubles as a cutting guide.…


Long Barrel Max Air Hammer

Item #1048819

Ingersoll-Rand Long-Barrel Air Hammer pounds away at 2,500 blows per minute to aggressively cut through metal - IR118MAX Ingersoll-Rand's MAX Reduced-Vibration Pneumatic Air Hammer delivers maximum comfort, maximum power, and maximum productivity. MAX Comfort: Anti-vibration feature reduces tool…

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