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SEM Flexible Primer Surfacer Gray

Item #50022Z SEM Flexible Primer Surfacer Gray

…flexibility Use this aerosol when coating urethanes, plastics and other similar substrates. It's a single-component primer surfacer, and its high solids formulation means faster film build. * Ideal for flexible bumper repairs* Dries quickly* Sands easily* Available in 13-oz. aerosol can and Quart.


Eastwood Spray Gray Detail Paint Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10032Z

Spray Gray matches original equipment with the look of fresh cast iron.* Renew cast iron water pumps, intake manifolds, master cylinders and more* Acrylic lacquer* Natural low 4% to 15% gloss Spray Gray Detail Paint is specially formulated to duplicate the original look of cast iron on your car…


Spray Max 2k Clear Glamour Aerosol

Item #50772Z

Spray Max 2K Glamour High Gloss Aerosol Clear. A 2 component aerosol clearcoat that is easy to apply, flows smooth and dries to a long lasting, high gloss finish. * 2K clearcoat in an easy to use aerosol * Activate, shake and spray * Unique nozzle delivers spray gun results * Dries to a high gloss…


Eastwood Textured Rust Encapsulator Black Aerosol 15oz

Item #14741Z

…for better adhesion and topcoat compatibility* Penetrates deeper to prevent rust from spreading or forming, even in hard-to-reach areas* 15-oz. aerosol covers about 10-15 sq. ft.* As seen on "My Classic Car" TV show Like our regular Rust Encapsulators, this textured formula seals and stops rust and…


Trim Paint Satin Black Aerosol 15 OZ NET

Item #10023Z

Spray an OEM-matching satin black finish on exterior trim surfacesTrim Black is the best way to restore faded and peeling black exterior trim parts because it offers maximum adhesion on stainless steel and chrome.* Aerosol covers up to 6 sq. ft. * Withstands up to 250 degreesF


Eastwood Self-Etch Primer Black

Item #16114 Eastwood's Self Etch Primer Black

…in Easy to Use Aerosol Cans or Economical quarts and gallons This easy to use primer etches and primes bare, rust-free metal in one step. Adheres to steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and galvanized steel and is compatable with virtually any paint or auto finish. The aerosol self-etching formula…


Eastwood Hi-Temp Internal Exhaust Coating w/Nozzle

Item #13795ZA Exhausts Coating

…under hood temperatures and extends the life of exhaust system components* Thermal coating withstands up to 1800 degrees F* 2'-long, 360-degree aerosol extension nozzle for easy application* Works with both new and used exhaust system components Use our exclusive formula to coat the inside of…


Eastwood Rubberized Undercoating

Item #16007 Eastwood's Rubberized Undercoating

Durable Rubberized Undercoating protects hidden areas of your car against rust.* Prevent rust and corrosion* Tough, flexible film* Reduces road noise* Adheres easily to metal and fiberglass Spray-on a long-lasting, rubberized "shield" between you car's metal and road salt; stands up to the most…


Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Satin Finish

Item #11175 Extreme Chassis Black

…high-gloss.* Improved resistance against corrosion, chips and scratches* Matches OEM finish* Apply multiple coats without lifting* Choose 14-oz. aerosol (about 8 sq. ft. of coverage) or quart can (up to 40 sq. ft. of coverage)* Choose satin (60-70% gloss) or high-gloss (85% gloss) finish You've…


Eastwood Original Chassis Black Satin Finish

Item #10025 The Original Chassis Black Satin Finish

Chassis Black Satin is the perfect chassis paint at the perfect price for any undercarriage component. * Resists corrosion, chips and scratches * Chassis Black also resists brake fluid, fuel and solvents* UV-resistant* Undercoating matches OEM finish* Apply multiple coats without lifting Not glossy,…


Eastwood Trunk Paint Gray Black Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10009Z

Match original multi-color spatter finishes with this trunk paint. Handy aerosol can eliminates spray gun cleanup. Must be sealed with Diamond Clear for Painted Surfaces. Prime bare metal with Gray Self Etching Primer (16014Z) or rusty metal with Eastwood Black Rust Encapsulator (16060Z) before…


Eastwood Diamond Clear DTM and Painted Surfaces Aerosol

Item #16105Z-16106Z

Aerosol formulation for the use on bare metal and painted surfaces.* Seals and protects surfaces* Compatible with all metals and coatings* Heat resistant up to 300 degrees F Use over finished or polished surfaces to protect from corrosion and ultra-violet light.


Eastwood Tank Tone Metallic Coating Aerosol 13 oz

Item #10030Z

…coating also helps prevent rust!* Get an OEM look plus corrosion protection* Formulated with zinc to prevent tank rust* No primer needed* 13-oz. aerosol can covers 8 sq. ft. Don't mistake this for ordinary silver gas-tank paint! This fuel-tank paint actually contains zinc to help protect your gas…


Duplicolor Caliper Paint Aerosol Red

Item #13806Z

…calipers has never been easier with Duplicolor's Aerosol caliper paints. Formulated to withstand 500°F and resist chipping, brake dust and chemicals. High gloss coating is durable and long lasting. Dry to the touch in 30 minutes or less. Use on calipers, brake drums and rotor hats. Aerosol 12 oz


Spra-Tool Aerosol Spray Gun

Item #29948Z

Want to do a small touch-up but don't like the hassle of cleaning a paint gun? Try this Convenient Reusable Sprayer. Great for small jobs, touch-ups and applying our high temp coatings! Easy clean-up too. Sprays most paints and liquids up to the viscosity of light oil. Just fill the bottle, screw it…


2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Primer Gray

Item #14932Z

…holds activator.* Activator released by “button” on bottom of can. Eastwood uses innovative features to allow professional results out of an aerosol.. The unique 2 chamber spray can provides the perfect ratio with no mixing, every time. The advanced nozzle and valve achieve a paint gun like wide…


Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray™ Epoxy Primer Gray & Black

Eastwood's 2K AeroSpray™ Epoxy Primer Gray & Black
Related Phrases: 2k Primer Epoxy 2k Epoxy

Item #14149 Epoxy Primer

…Design Aerosol * Most Durable Aerosol Epoxy Primer Available * Sprays Like a Paint Gun The innovative nozzle and valve technology, combined with its two internal chambers, ensure the right ratio is mixed every time. Sprays like a gun with a broader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no…


2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paint Ford Blue 1966 80

Item #14928Z

…years. The innovative nozzle and valve technology, combined with its two internal chambers ensure the right ratio is mixed every time. Sprays like a gun with abroader spray pattern than conventional aerosols and no mess to clean up.Temperature resistant up to 650 degrees F. Coverage approx 35 sq ft


Eastwood Zinc Phosphate Aerosol 12 oz

Item #10281Z

Replicate charcoal gray OEM plating with our Zinc Phosphate Aerosol* Duplicates the dark, charcoal gray appearance of zinc phosphate plating* Nearly flat 4-8% low gloss finish* 300°F temperature resistance. Great for under hood use Eastwood Zinc Phosphate is designed to duplicate the look of the…


Eastwood Zinc Rich Galvanize Aerosol 13 oz

Item #13242Z

Eastwood's Rich Zinc Galvanize is a fast drying coating that protects steel and ferrous metals exposed to severe corrosive environments. * Prevents Corrosion in Extreme Environments * Fuses Zinc to Metal Surfaces * Provides Long-Term Galvanic Protection This high performance compound fuses zinc to…

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