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Eastwood 2K Universal Urethane Adhesive Cartridge

Item #51654Z

Eastwood's Universal 2-component urethane adhesive is is designed for the repair of all types of rigid and flexible plastics.* Work Time 5-10 Minutes* Paintable and Sandable* Recommend using with 26:1 Application Gun* Compatible with fiberglass, SMC, TPO, PPO, metal, aluminum, glass, wood, and most…


Replacement No Weld Panel Adhesive

Item #31087

Replacement Adhesive for our No-Weld Panel Repair Kit.* 50ml cartridge* Includes 2 mixing nozzles* Each cartridge produces a 6'-long, 1/4"-wide bead Slow-cure epoxy adhesive works with our 31102 No-Weld Panel Repair Kit to securely install metal repair panels without welding.


Grippy Mat Work Bench Liner 22 inch x 7' Roll

Item #12721

…PIG® Mats, are a must for any shop or garage. Their "sticky backs" are ideal for floors, work benches and even tool box drawers. The light adhesive allows you to pick up and replace Grippy ®Mats over and over. Furthermore, they won't slide or bunch up even if you roll wheels over them. Apply…


Eastwood White Epoxy Primer and Catalyst Gallons

Item #14760ZP Epoxy White Primer and Catalyst Kit

Eastwood DTM (Direct to Metal) Epoxy Primer 1:1 primes and seals with excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance. * Can be used as a primer or sealer * Excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance * Fast Drying & Maintains good color holdout * Sand-able - 2-3 days * Applied Over Steel, Aluminum,…


Evercoat® Slick Sand With Hardener

Item #31108ZP Evercoat Slick Sand Quart With Hardener

…primes and levels all at once!This high-solids, extra high-build, polyester-based formula is a sprayable primer/surfacer that offers excellent adhesion to metal, galvanized metal, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, SMC, and body filler. * Ideally suited for large, uneven surfaces* Color coat can be applied…


Portola Red Interior Paint Aerosol 12 oz Net

Item #11442Z

…the existing shade. This specially formulated coating matches FORD OEM specs for appearance, scuff resistance and overall durability. Each can covers about 6 square feet. For optimum results and adhesion use the (52366Z) Adhesion Promoter Aerosol before applying color. Colors shown are approximate.


EW Carpet and GP Adhesive 14 oz net Aerosol

Item #12743Z

Eastwood Carpet Spray Adhesive Is the perfect adhesive for virtually any carpet and trim application. Especially designed for bonding to Thermocoustic Sound Deadener, vinyl tops, heavyweight headliners.Offers high immediate bond strength, excellent heat and water resistance, long bonding range. Its…


Bristle Disk 4 1/2 in 50 grit Green

Item #31128

…Bristle Disc from 3M™ eats through paint and rust fastJust attach this bristle disc to your angle grinder and easily remove paint, rust and scale.* Powers thru paint, rust, stains, adhesives, weld burn and other surface contaminants* No dangerous flying wire bristles* 50-grit* 12,000-rpm maximum


Eastwood No Weld Panel Repair Kit

Item #31102

…This kit has the tools and materials to install patch panels securely without welding. Panels are flanged, then bonded with structural adhesive, and finally flush riveted. The result is a flat repaired surface requiring minimal filler. The panel adhesive will eliminate any corrosion at the joint.


ElastiWrap Surface Prep Aerosol

Item #14933Z

…cleaning properties remove embedded contaminants from the surface that can impede top coat adhesion and removal. ElastiWrap® Surface Prep also leaves a smooth wax like finish that will enhance adhesion and make topcoat removal easier. Safe for use on all types of glossy painted surfaces as well…


Bulldog Adhesion Promoter Quart QTP0123

Item #15282ZP

Bulldog Adhesion Promoter is designed to promote paint adhesion to all automotive surfaces, even problem plastics. It works equally well on all flexible or rigid plastics, fiberglass, aluminum, glass, chrome, vinyl, galvanized metal, and painted surfaces. Bulldog acts as a tie coat by allowing…


NortonSelfAdhsvWeathrBarrier36inx100ft 63642505920

Item #15296

Norton's Self Adhesive Weather Barrier Clear film is perfect for missing windows or unfinished body work. It has built in UV inhibitors for interior protection as well. NOTE: Don’t leave on more than 30 days. Do not expose above 170 degrees F. Do not install on wet or damp surfaces. Packaged on a…


USC All Metal 2.1 lb

Item #50751ZP

Repair metal with metal—instead of lead—using USC® All-MetalIdeal for your restoration projects, USC's All-Metal offers excellent adhesion to metals (even stainless) and wood.* Can be drilled or tapped* Aluminum-based filler * Rustproof and waterproof* Includes hardener


Eastwood Extreme Chassis Black Primer

Item #11193 Extreme Chassis Black Primer

For a more durable Extreme Chassis Black® finish on bare metal, start with this Extreme Chassis Black® Primer. * Maximizes adhesion* Improves chip resistance* 14-oz. aerosol covers 8 sq. ft.; 1-qt. can covers 30 sq. ft. Epoxy-fortified primer is the perfect foundation formulated specifically for…


Evercoat Everglass Filler Gallon

Item #51027ZP

…strength, high build and waterproof which makes it excellent for repairing holes, rusted metal, body seams and shattered fiberglass. Contains ZNX-7T for superior adhesion and corrosion resistance to bare steel, galvanized steel and aluminum. Blue cream hardener included. Shipped in 1 gallon can.


EW Contour Alum Repair Compound 25.3 oz

Item #13518ZP

Contour™ Repair Compound is reinforced with aluminum for a stronger, corrosion-resistant repair. * Superior corrosion resistance and adhesion* Repair factory-leaded seams and high-strength applications* Perfect for areas prone to moisture* Includes hardener Eastwood's uniquely formulated filler is…


Vinyl Eraser And Arbor

Item #37023

You can remove all vinyl pin-striping, graphics, and adhesive residue without damaging the paint. Simply mount the eraser in your air drill (recommended speed is 3,500 to 4,000 rpm.) and safely remove all the old body striping in minutes. Unlike chemicals and solvents commonly used for this job, the…


DEI Underhood Thermal Acoustic 050130 12 Sq Ft

Item #30520

…the harsh under hood environment. Specially constructed of ¾” thick marine grade foam, with a fiberglass reinforced aluminum top layer and an adhesive back. Easily trimmed to the needed size and shape, can be applied to nearly any clean surface. Provides thermal protection for your paintjob against…


Eastwood Zinc Rich Primer Powder

Item #16058 Zinc Rich Primer

…or will spend time exclusively outdoors in harsh weather, Eastwood recommends using Zinc Rich Primer before the top coat color to assist with adhesion and corrosion resistance. * Cure Time: 20 Minutes @ 400°F (actual surface temperature)* 100% Virgin Powder* Gloss Level: High - 60% to 90% at 60…


Klean Strip Aircraft Paint Remover Aerosol

Item #15277Z

This professional grade paint stripper is fast acting and will effectively remove finishes from the metal surfaces of automobiles, trucks and cycles. It is effective on acrylics, lacquers, polyurethanes, baked enamels and epoxies. Non corrosive to common metals under normal exposure time.

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