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Welder and Plasma Cutter Adapter Cord

Item #12816

Replacement adapter cord for Eastwood Welders and Plasma Cutters. Fits Eastwood:* 12740 Versa Cut 40 Plasma Cutter* 14100 and 20566 TIG 200DC Welders* 12746 and 20565 TIG 200 AC/DC Welders* 21180 MP250i MultiProcess Welder* 20279 MIG 250 Welder 110/220V, NEMA50R Receptacle


DeKups 24 oz Trial Kit

Item #29954

…kit. Now Eastwood offers the DeKups Trial kit. This kit includes everything you need to paint right out of the box. Includes Devilbiss DPC-43 adapter (fits Finishline and Tekna guns) 24oz reusable sleeve and lid, 8 disposible 24oz cups, 5 shaler plugs, 200 micron filter, 300 micron barrel filter,…


QuickJack SUV and Light Truck Adapter Set

Item #31312

This twelve piece adapter set increases the service capability of the QuickJack BL 5000 and BL 7000 series by providing stackable adapters that mount inside the main rubber lifting block trays. Better accommodates higher ground clearance vehicles or those with unique jacking point locations. Fits BL…


Mini Mandrel 1/4 in Shank

Mini Mandrel 1/4 in Shank
Related Phrases: Mandrel Shank

Item #13054

1/4" shank made of proper strength steel to withstand years of tough use.


Buff Wheel 3 in Diameter

Item #13039

Cushion sewn for flexibility. 1/2" wide with 1/2" arbor hole. Use with the wheel arbor Adapter (13064) with your drill or 1/4" collet in your die grinder. Pictured with the Eastwood mini die grinder (46047). Do you have a product idea? Click Here to suggest it!


DeKups Adapter DPC-81

Item #12544

Devilbiss DeKups adapter fits all Full sized Starting Line, Sharpe and Finex guns.


Eastwood Paint and Powder Coating Stand

Eastwood Paint and Powder Coating Stand
Related Phrases: Stand Paint Stand Oven

Item #15556

…it folds flat in seconds, to be stored nearly anywhere. When in use, the hanging arm or oven rack will be 39 inches above the base, so it can be adapted for bench top or freestanding use. Made from heavy gauge steel tube, it will easily support up to 10lbs from the arm without sagging or tipping.


9 Piece Adapter Set SK Tools 4010

Item #1068219

This SK Tools 9 Piece Universal Adapter Set is made in the U.S.A. and features high polish SuperKrome® finish, which provides for long life and maximum corrosion resistance. Ball detent securely holds sockets on coupler, to prevent slippage. The exclusive SureGrip® rail holds sockets tightly…


True Power 23 Piece Aluminum Oil Filter Wrench Kit

Item #31576

…wrenches that will fit most domestic and foregign vehicle applications. * Universal kit for most cars and trucks * 21 Different size oil filter adapters * Includes rachet wrench * Molded storage case Vehicle makes cover by this set include Toyota, Mazda, Nissan, Fiat, Lexus, GM, Chrysler, VW, Audi,…


SAE/Metric Socket Set Universal Joint 48 Piece

Item #1068236

…which can occur on rusted or damaged fasteners when a traditional straight cornered hex tool is used. New additions include Thumbwheel Ratchet, Adapters and Universal Joint.* SuperKrome® finish provides long life and maximum corrosion resistance* SureGrip® hex design drives the side of the…


DeKups Adapter Iwata LPH400 Sharpe Finex

Item #50207

DeKups adapter fits Evolution and Large Concours guns and Sata NR95 and 92, Iwata LPH 400 and W400LV, Astro GF14, 17 and 20S. Sharpe Finex FX 200 and FX 300. Also fits Durablock 007 gun. Devilbiss #DPC-11


Eastwood 4.5 Inch Angle Grinder

Item #20286

…electric angle grinder.* 6 amp 720 watt electric motor* 10,000 rpm free speed* Fits a variety of 4 1/2in wheels* Common 5/8-11 spindle with 7/8in adapter* Paddle switch with safety* 3 position removable handle* Spindle wrench and replacement motor brushes included* CSA certified Most electric angle…


Eastwood Electronic Torque Angle Adapter

Item #13625

…when preset torque is reached* Includes adapters for 3/8" and 1/2" drives Create a precise, electronic, torque/angle-measuring fastening tool for about the cost of an old-fashioned "clicker"-type torque wrench. Just connect this Digital Torque-Angle Adapter in between your standard ratchet and the…


Pneumatic Body Hammer .401 Shank

Item #11138

Body Hammer fits most standard pneumatic hammers to quickly rough-out body panels Attach our body hammer to your pneumatic hammer to rough-out panels with just the pull of a trigger. Smooth panels by adding a back-up dolly.* Standard 0.401" shank* 1-1/2"-dia. convex face* Black oxide hardened steel


Eastwood Electronic Torque Adapter

Item #13624

…sounds when preset torque is reached* Includes adapters for 3/8" and 1/2" drives Create a precise, electronic, torque-measuring fastening tool for about the cost of an old-fashioned "clicker" type torque wrench. Just connect this Digital Torque Adapter in between your standard ratchet and the socket…


Master Ball Joint Adapter

Item #1068043

Add-On Ball Joint Adapter Set for Model #ATD-8696 Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set — ATD8697 This add-on set expands the serviceability of your Deluxe Ball Joint Service Set (#ATD-8696; not included). Includes all the receiver tubes and removing/installing adapters needed to work on most GM, Ford and…


PPS #20 Adapter

Item #11544

Adapts the Sharpe MPF Mini-gun HVLP to the 3M™ disposable cup system (11543). 1/8 Male, 27 Thread UPSM.


PPS #11 Adapter

Item #11547

Adapts the following Sharpe guns: Cobalt HVLP (USA), Platinum HVLP, SGF-98, Titanium T-1 HVLP and the Snap-On (Sharpe Cobalt) to the 3M tm disposable cup system (11543). 3/8 Male, 18 Thread NPS.


Fender Roller Adapter

Item #25271

A longer and larger flange mount to allow the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller to be used on trucks and cars with larger (5" to 6") 5 & 6 lug bolt patterns and up to a 4.25" center hub. Simply remove two bolts from the 31158 Eastwood Fender Roller, switch to the Truck Adapter, replace the bolts and go.

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