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    3 8 Belt

    3 8 Belt
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Multitool 2 x 36 inch Belt Grinder Attachment

Item #20672

…fits all popular brands of bench grinders. Easily fits to most 6'& 8" bench grinders, shaft size of 1/2” ,5/8” or 3/4”a fitting kit is included in every unit.* 2 Inch x 36 Inch Abrasive Belt* 7 Inch disc* Quick change belt* Automatic Tensioning* Quick Track Adjustment* Fits 1/2, 5/8 and 3/4…


Eastwood 1/2 inch x 18 inch Professional Mini Belt Sander

Item #31455

…Mini Belt Sander is a professional quality tool ruggedly designed for many yearsof reliable service.* Adjustable sanding arm* 8-1/2” long Abrasive Arm* High-torque ball bearing motor* Variable speed control Features an infinitely adjustable sanding arm through a 120° range of belt positionfor…


Eastwood 1/2 inch x 18 inch Sanding Belts

Item #31456 Sanding Belts 18inch

High Quality replacement sanding belts for the Eastwood 31455 Mini Belt Sander.

3/8 Dr. 8pc Torx Bit Socket Set

Item #30143

Eastwood 8-pc., 3/8"-dr. Torx Bit Socket Set built for everyday use. For driving Torx (or "star") hex screws, you won't find a better set than this 8-piece set of 3/8"-drive Torx bit sockets from Eastwood. Built of fully hardened chrome-vanadium steel for exceptional strength and durability.…


Eastwood Expander Wheel

Item #20638

…Inch diameter Expander Wheel 1.5 Inch width* Adapter arbor sizes 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1" Can be used with abrasive bands Scotch Brite belts or the Trizact belts. They stayfirmly in place because centrifugal force expands the rubber wheel.The Expander Wheel is designed to run at 2400 rpm so…

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