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2" Hook & Loop Sanding Disc 25 Pack

Item #31644 Sanding Disc

Astro Pneumatic 2" Hook & Loop Sanding Disc Pack of 25 Disc.


Mini Desiccant Dryer - 2 pack

Item #34146

Last Chance Filter with a Difference - Now it's possible to know when to change your spray gun mounted filter. This unique filter features a desiccant material that changes from dark blue to pink when it's time for a replacement. Filters remove moisture, oil and particulates down to 5 microns. Dual…


2K Aerospray High Temp Ceramic Engine Paint

Item #14926Z 2K Engine Paint

Eastwood's 2K Aerospray High Temp Engine Paints allow you to paint with the durability and precision of a two component coating without the paint gun!* 2-Component Urethane Catalyzed Technology* Super Durable in Extreme Conditions* Temperature resistant up to 650 degrees F* Sprays Like a Paint Gun…


Eastwood Crimp-Right 2 Piece Two Pole Male Connector Housing

Item #31691

Eastwood Crimp-Right 2 Piece Two Pole Male Connector Housing.


Eastwood Crimp-Right 2 Piece Two Pole Female Connector Housing

Item #31692

Eastwood Crimp-Right 2 Piece Two Pole Female Connector Housing.


2 Pocket Panel 2nd Stage Filter20x20x15

Item #58194

This pocket filter fits all of the booths we sell that use pocket filters.


Eastwood Urethane Clear 2:1 Activator Quart 2 TO 1

Item #50252ZP

Urethane Activator works with Eastwood's European Urethane Clearcoat.* Mix 1 part Activator with 2 parts European Urethane Clear* 2-hour pot life at 70 degreesF after mixing Add it to harden and cure our 50250ZP and 50251ZP European Urethane Clearcoat.


66to67 Cutlass Tank w/Filler & 2 Vent 890 7466 2N

66to67 Cutlass Tank w/Filler & 2 Vent 890 7466 2N
Related Phrases: Tube Bending Gas Tank

Item #52598

…panel has all the correct-as-original, flanges, bends and seams. Attention to detail means your sheet metal parts will fit properly, with just minimal trimming or fabrication. These parts have OEM-style design, smoother edges. This part fits 66 To 67 Cutlass Gas Tank & Filler Neck (2 Vent Tubes).


USC Liquid Hardner 2 oz

Item #50780Z

For use with US Chemical fillers requiring a liquid catalyst. Fast acting for a permanent bond in minutes. For the strongest possible use with USC's fiberglass resin. packaged in 2oz tube. Made in USA


Versa Cut Air Diffuser Pack of 2

Item #13788

These are a set of two replacement Air Diffusers for Eastwood's Versa Cut40 & 60 Plasma Cutters. This is the piece that goes between the nozzle and electrode and after time will need to be replaced. Includes 2 pieces.


BendPak 10,000lb Capacity 2 Post Lift Blue

BendPak 10,000lb Capacity 2 Post Lift Blue
Related Phrases: Car Lift Lift Bendpak

Item #31543

The safe and rugged XPR‐10S‐LP two‐post lift features our exclusive Low‐Pro™ arms that accommodate lowered sports cars and those vehicles with exclusive lift points located on the extreme outer edges of the chassis. A telescoping overhead structure provides the convenience of wide or narrow…


Particulate Filter P100 Gerson 2 pk

Item #14834

Particulate filter P100 for Gerson mask 2 pack


2 pc 3/16in Double Ended Drill Bit

Item #13485

This pack includes 2 double-ended 3/16" high-speed steel drill bits with 135° cutting angle. 2.25" long. These are perfect for use when plug welding 20-ga. sheet metal.


Eastwood Hydraulic Wheel Dolly 2 Piece Set

Item #30551

…vehicles with ease.* Hydraulic for easy lifting* Large heavy duty casters for easy moving* 1300lb capacity, each* For tires up to 12 inches wide* Set of 2 dollies These dollies allow you to lift the wheels off the ground and move cars around, whether they run, or roll or not. Each of these hydraulic…


Magnetic disc 1.5 in and 2 in

Magnetic disc 1.5 in and 2 in
Related Phrases: Magnet Tape

Item #12892

…seals around the edges for a great mask. Combine with our high temperature tapes to make it easy to mask areas with curves. Each disc will mask 2 different size areas, this one specifically covering 0.75in or 1in. The combination of high temperature silicone and high temperature magnets ensure…


Devilbiss 2 Gun Paint Gun Rack 803616

Item #14505

Multi Gun Rack is designed for use even with disposable cups Multi gun Paint Gun Rack from DeVilbiss® sits on your workbench or mounts on a wall to hold one or two of your gravity-feed spray guns, either for storing between jobs or for one-handed filling of the paint cups. It's designed to be used…


True Power 6" 2 Jaw Gear Puller

Item #31578

Reach into tight spaces to safely slide gears, pulleys, flywheels and other press-fit parts off shaft with the versatile 6 in. 2-Jaw Gear Puller.* Two-jaw design slips into tight spaces * High-strength forged and hardened steel jaw arms * Cold rolled, acme-threaded steel drive screw * Jaw Spread:…


Ranger 2 Ton Aluminum Quick Floor Jack

Ranger 2 Ton Aluminum Quick Floor Jack
Related Phrases: Floor Jack Jack Car Jack

Item #31548

The Ranger model RFJ-4000AL aluminum racing jack weighs in at just 39 pounds but delivers heavyweight performance; optimum strength, reduced weight, less pumping effort and increased lifting speed. This precision-built jack is constructed from high strength aluminum and features an extra low profile…


2 Lb Powder storage bottle with Lid

Item #16062

Keep up to 2lbs of your favorite powder clean, dry and secure in this rugged HDPE storage bottle complete with lid.* Made of High Density Polyethylene* 7” high x 5” diameter* Thread-on lid


Buff Cone Tapered 2 in Felt

Item #13050

Made of medium hard felt 2" long. Mounted on a 1/4" mandrel. Maximum 15,000 rpm. Use our Mini Buffing Bob Assortment (13055) a 10 pc set of cylinder and cone felts with 1/8" shank to polish deep contours.

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